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LX Hausys

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LX Hausys Business Domain

LX Hausys specializes in Building & Interior materials, Automotive materials and Industrial Film backed by approx 4,270 employees across the world.

  • Building & Interior
  • Industrial Film
  • Automotive

LX Hausys Vision

LX Hausys’ vision, “We create human-friendly, eco-conscious living spaces, ”informs” all our strategies for realizing eco-conscious, energy-efficient, and human-friendly customer value.

We Create Human-friendly, Eco-conscious Living Spaces

    With our eco-friendly materials and energy efficiency gains, we pursue spaces congruent with nature and the quality of life for our customers.

    • Eco-Friendly

      Shift to eco-friendly materials through the pursuance of diversity in material use. (increase ecofriendly products/ materials)

    • Energy Saving

      Deliver systems and solutions that maximize energy efficiency. (pursue high-quality window/green car materials)


    While simultaneously setting tomorrow’s trends, our aesthetically-pleasing, “feel good” designs greatly enhance our customer’s quality of life.

    • Human-Friendly

      Set more reliable relationship-oriented customer contact points. (strengthen brand power, distribution-innovation)


    LX Hausys always puts customer health, happiness and satisfaction first when creating its unique living spaces.