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Global Business – Domestic

  • US
    Sales in the North American market among total
    sales in overseas markets

    North America represents the world’s largest decorative and automotive materials market, and thus our localization strategy focuses on acrylic solid surface, automotive skin, etc. Our HI-MACS (acrylic solid surface) and Viatera (Engineered Stone) plant is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and our automotive skin plant was completed in 2016 to continuously expand our market share in the United States. In 2017, we established a sales corporation in Canada to solidify our growth momentum in the North American market.

Promotion of Market-leading Business by Region

LX Hausys divides the global market into four zones: North America, Europe, China, and the emerging market. In each of the four zones we focus on conducting intensive market analyses to determine and promote the most promising businesses, building distribution networks, and establishing cooperative relationships with our stakeholders in those regions.