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Green Management Philosophy

Our Green Management is based on LX’s Management Philosophy: “value creation for customers” and “people-oriented management.”
It provides the basis for LX Hausys to pursue a stable and harmonious balance between corporate activity, safety, health, and the
environment by setting out specific management policies in those areas.

  • LX Management
    Corporate Role/

    LX Hausys undertakes various initiatives to protect human life, property, and the environment of local communities from disasters and accidents. We strive to realize a safe society and maintain a clean environment.

  • LX Management
    Organizational Role/

    LX Hausys perceives management goals for safety, environment, and health as being of equal importance as those for business performance. We set goals to help minimize the effects of dangerous and harmful elements on the environment and ensure

  • LX Code of

    LX Hausys expects all its members to abide by laws and the company’s internal rules for the prevention of safety and environment-related accidents.

  • LX Declaration
    for the

    LX Hausys ensures complete transparency by opening its safety and environment performance records to customers, local communities, and other stakeholders.

  • Environment,
    Health and
    Safety Policies
    Support for

    LX Hausys supports its suppliers in their undertaking of proactive efforts to ensure safety, a clean environment, and health.

LX Green Management

LX green management represents LX’s new management policy that aims to create customer value and
contribute to the society and the nation by integrating an environmental management philosophy that emphasizes the environmental protection of worksite vicinities into the broader spectrum of business conduct.

LX Environmental Statement
LX puts the environment, and health & safety first in every stage of its business conduct and uses this as an opportunity to create value for its customers.

LX sets strict standards for the environment and the health & safety-related regulations of all the regions and countries where it is based, while fully, complying with these standards to consistently improve its environmental and health & safety performance.

LX regularly measures its environmental health & safety performance and discloses the outcomes.

Every LX employee recognizes the need for social responsibility in preserving the environment and the ability it gives them to fully engage in the environmental preservation initiatives within local communities.

Green Management Contribution

    • Green
    • Green New
    • Green New
  1. Indirect Contribution

    Reduce GHG emissions through the expan-sion of high-efficiency productsDirect Contri- butionImprove energy efficiencyReduce GHG emissionsReduce water consumption

    Direct Contribution
    • Improve energy efficiency
    • Reduce GHG emissions
    • Reduce water consumption
    • Respond to climate change
    • Contribute to green growth
    • Promote sustainable growth

LX Hausys Green Management

LX Hausys systemically advances environmental management on the basis of its green management system.
In so doing, we aim to deliver eco-friendly worksites that reduce GHG and air pollutant emissions, save resources and
expand recycling initiatives. In addition, eco-friendly material-based and highly energy-efficient products will
be our top priority in developing products and undertaking business strategies so that we fulfill our social responsibility to achieve
low carbon green growth.

Green Management Worksites

  • Green Worksites
    • Reduce GHG emissions and energy consumption
    • Reduce the emission of air pollutants and the use of resources
    • Operate a green management system
  • Expansion of New Green Products and Operations
    • Develop Green Identity and Eco Collection
    • Develop more products with exceptional energy performance
    • Improve indoor air quality and expand products made from natural materials

Eco-Friendly Products

It is based on our core values of ‘Eco-Friendly, Energy Saving, Human-Friendly’
that we at LX Hausys develop eco products and deliver flourishing living spaces to our customers.

Development of Eco Products

LX Hausys uses its definition of Green Identity in developing eco products. Our top priorities in product development are
‘Eco-Friendly’ products that are made from eco-friendly materials to deliver more natural and enjoyable living spaces as well as
Zero-Emission’ products that are highly efficient and adopt renewable energy to help minimize GHG emissions.
These principles guide our endeavors to develop new green products.

Green Identity

    Natural materials
    • Biodegradable PLA materials
    Resource recycling
    • Recycled materials
      (wood powder, wood chips)
    Use of eco-friendlymaterials
    • Natural materials(corn, wood
    • powder, wood chips)
    • Phthalate-free products
    Noise attenuation
    • Noise reduction structure
    • Buffering
    Improved indoor air quality
    • Air purifying functionality
    • Reduced emissions of TVOC, 5VOC
      and HCHO
    Convenient living
    • Improved noise attenuation
    • Exceptional floor serviceability
    • Improved indoor air quality
    • Antibiotic/antifungal performance
    Reduced energy consumption
    • Graded Level 1 in energy efficiency
    • More than 50% saved in energy
      consumption against conventional
    Eco-friendly energy generation
    • Generation of renewable energy
      (solar, PV, geothermal)
    Energy Saving
    • 1.2W/ ㎡·K or higher in insulation
    • Graded Level 1 or above in window
      air tightness
    • Green car materials
    • High-performance insulation panels with exceptional fire-proof and long -term performance: 0.019W/m·K in initial thermal conductivity

Stronger Eco Product Solutions

We strive to increase the sales of new green products that deliver energy-savings through the use of natural and recycled
materials and to launch new green businesses through the development of eco-friendly technology.
In 2013, we will continue to extend our ZEA product line-up and develop high-performance insulation panels as a way to
strengthen our eco product solutions.

New Eco Products

New Eco Products
Category New Green Products Future Plans
Eco Materials Eco Materials ZEA line-up
(floor, flooring, wall covering), Woozen
To expand their application and exports while using
them for general purposes
IAQ materials ZINNIA, Breathing Tile To differentiated exterior designs and expand exports
Energy Saving Insulation windows High-strength/insulation windows made
of composite materials
To secure steel application technology
Insulation panels High-performance insulation panel for
construction purposes
To advance into export markets and develop new products

Sales of new green products in total sales

New green products encompass decorative materials and windows.

Unit : percent
  1. 2013 13.2%
  2. 2014 19.3%
  3. 2015 19.7%