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LX Hausys

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Sustainability Management System

LX Hausys’ sustainability management takes the company’s vision, “creating human-friendly, eco-conscious living spaces,” as its basis. We strive to fulfill our social responsibility while effectively controlling risks and providing peerless value to stakeholders.


    “We create human-friendly,
    eco-conscious living spaces.”

  • GOAL

    To achieve a sustainable company
    in harmony with stakeholders.

    • Risk management 
    • Social contribution
    • Communication with stakeholders
  • Monitoring
  • Target selected
  • Self-diagnosis
  • On-site inspection
  • Solution

Risk Management

LX Hausys conduct thorough and effective risk management activities to early identify and solve any issues that arise. Nne areas are subject to review: Governance, Ethics management, Shared growth, Fair trade, Customer value, Social contribution, Labor conditions and Human rights, Safety and health, and Environmental management. Immediate action was taken to resolve any risks predicted and/or discerned through such inspections/diagnosis, and these areas are subject to regular monitoring to ensure the issues(s) have been effectively resolved.

Social Contribution

LX Hausys has carried out various CSR activities. We are acutely aware of the impact of our business activities on society and people and utilize our CSR activities to nurture our relationships with local communities.

Stakeholder Communication

LX Hausys communicates with its major stakeholders — customers, shareholders and investors, business partners, employees, and local communities — through tailored channels. We ensure transparency by making widely available literature on the activities and outcomes of our business and other activities (eg. Sustainability management reports, Business reports, Environmental information reports). Such transparent information disclosure enables us to gain the trust and respect of our valued stakeholders, and promote our CSR activities and various training programs.

Sustainability Management Performance and Future Plans

LX Hausys’ roadmap for sustainability management guides our current efforts in this area and helps us set clear strategies for the future. In 2014, we added the “Major Issues about CSR Activity” to the board of directors (BOD) report, laying the foundation for future discussion of sustainability management-related topics at BOD meetings.

Revision of BOD regulations on CSR
LX Hausys added “Important Issues about CSR Activity” to the BOD report in 2014 to help build a deci-
sion-making process on sustainability management for the BOD and establish the grounds upon which
to report CSR activities to the BOD. Our aim here is to gradually facilitate discussions on sustainability
management at BOD meetings toward the establishment of the Sustainability Management Committee,
as part of the BOD, in the near future.
Current Status

“Important Issues about
CSR Activity”
added to BOD report

Goal: To build a decision-making process on
sustainability management for the BOD
  1. Opinion
  2. Suggestion
  3. Convocation
    of a BOD
  4. Decision