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LX Hausys

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About LX Hausys Viatera®

Edge Profile

Where quartz meets the edge. LX Hausys Surfaces offers a wide selection of edge treatments. Select from a simple rounded corner to the complex multi-toned, multi-tiered rolling edges that add that special finishing touch to your solid surface counter. For more information on our edge treatments, please consult your local area distributor or fabricator.

  • Beveled Edge

    Maintains the surface’s thickness,
    but with a ¼” or ½” angular top edge.

  • Bullnose Edge

    A completed rounded edge.

  • Eased Edge

    A slightly rounded top edge that still
    maintains the surface's thickness.

  • Ellipse Edge

    Rounded top and bottom edges
    with a flat face.

  • Knife Edge

    A sharp, blade-like edge.

  • Reverse Ogee Edge

    Similar to Roman Edge, but reversed.

  • Roman Edge

    An elaborate ogee-style edge design
    inspired by Roman architecture.

  • Roundover Edge

    A semi-circle rounded top edge.