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Introducing New Viatera® Finish Brushed

Select Viatera® colors are now available with a “Brushed” finish to fulfill a wider range of aesthetics. Enjoy the new classic beauty with
a satin-like finish.


    Traditional reflective surface


    Soft and smooth feel with
    low-luster on the surface

Brushed Finish Care & Maintenance

Viatera® products with Brushed Finish are the same as those with the standard Polished Finish. The only manufacturing difference is how the final gloss level is achieved.

Brushed Finish may need more daily attention than Polished Finish. This is the nature of any material with a matte finish when compared to the same material with a polished finish – smudges, fingerprints, and water spots are simply more visible on a matte surface. Promptly wipe up and buff dry routine spills, droplets, and rings. A microfiber towel may be more effective than a paper towel because Brushed Finish has a slight surface texture when compared to Polished Finish. These non-woven cleaning products work well on all surfaces and are especially helpful on products that feature anything other than a perfectly smooth surface.

Routine Care and Maintenance of Brushed Finish is easy with the same liquid household cleaners that are suitable for “Polished” finishes, including Formula 409® Natural Stone & Steel Cleaner.

Always read and follow that manufacturer’s label instructions. A textured sponge that’s suitable for non-stick coated cookware may be helpful in removing some tougher spills. Avoid using abrasive cleaners like Ajax® or Comet®, as these more aggressive materials may dull or damage the surface of Brushed Finish. After using any cleaning product always rinse the area and buff the area dry. A microfiber product is suggested but not required.